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Stanley Gibbons
possibly the ultimate stamp collecting reference work

World famous authority on stamps and the noble art of stamp collecting, Stanley Gibbons deserves a place amongst the famous names at this site. Stanley Gibbons renowned Stamp Catalogue is a philatelic tome of considerable magnitude and is regarded by many philatelists as the definitive guide to stamps and the financial valuation of stamps. Stanley Gibbons World Stamp Catalogue is also in some ways a look-up reference for the world's geopolitical history in microcosm.

Stanley Gibbons also has an affiliate program, and we look forward to being able to join it at some time, so this page is reserved ready to be mutually good for business. Places such as John Lewis, Harrods, British Airways, and the Hilton Hotel do quite well here on affiliate programs, so I would have thought Stanley Gibbons would prosper gloriously too.

At Stanley Gibbons, MOST of the people have been friendly and helpful, and there is just one sticking point. At the time of writing this page (2006/02) there was a clause in the contract published at http://www.stanleygibbons.com which allowed the contract to be changed arbitrarily without much notice, which I don't think is fair. I also don't sign a blank cheque, nor do I swear to oaths which are to have the details filled in later or otherwise changed and rewritten.

Other affiliates who would also be interested have also expressed feelings about this.

Please let me know if the Stanley Gibbons affiliate program contract is amended to make it reasonable to sign. I'd like to help to promote Stanley Gibbons and I welcome an amicable arrangement, so let's be in touch and see what can be sorted out! I am good for business! I am Zyra, and my website has quite a lot to say for itself

In the meantime, Customers, if your interest is the fascinating world of Stamp Collecting, you might like to visit STAMP DEMON, which is an up-and-coming stamp resource, with a stamp shop, and considerable interest in the affiliate business.