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StarOffice TM

StarOffice is a business package which is by SUN and has the interesting and important advantage that it is not stuck to a particular system like Windows but will run on lots of different systems, which currently (2000/09 - version 5.1) include:

As well as the obvious advantage that this stops a particular system monopolising the market, StarOffice also has the good point that the first edition (5.1) is given away free.

For more information contact: http://www.sun.com/staroffice or http://www.techplc.co.uk

Star Office is the commercial version of OpenOffice.org , as opposed to Closed Office

Avoid .doc as a format. Also avoid .docx

2010 Update: "Open Office" is still called that, even though it is no longer what it says on the tin (a phrase attributed originally to Ronseal). The Sun version has become a "Closed Office", whereas the new version moved on to Libre Office as per www.documentfoundation.org LibreOffice www.documentfoundation.org/download however I have heard that even this is no longer "Open" anymore. To watch out for this sort of thing going wrong, make sure it's an Open Standard