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You know you are getting a quality timepiece when you buy a watch from Stauer. Take a look at their fantastic range online and treat yourself.


"We at Stauer come from a long line of watch collectors, historians and craftsmen. The golden era of watch design started in the late 1910's and continued right through the 1950's. Vintage watch collecting is a great hobby that has proved to be a great investment as prices have soared in recent years. Most people can't afford a 1926 Patek Philippe* or a 1936 Rolex* Princeš - each are priced above £100,000 when in good condition.

Today watch lovers can own vintage designed watches with classic automatic movements for the best values ever seen. Today, watch lovers can own a Stauer. True watch aficionados love automatic movements when they can feel that watch come alive with a little shake of the wrist.

With 21 to 27 Jeweled Automatic movements on most styles and with Classic designs that would be seen in watch history books, Stauer produces brilliant watches that were once only available to the gentry.

You deserve to enjoy some of life's true luxuries and you have come to the right place. We value your time and thank you for visiting Stauer. We look forward to many years of serving you well!

*Rolex is a registered trademark of Rolex Watch USA, Inc.

*Patek Philippe is a registered trademark of Henri Stern Watch Agency, Inc."

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