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Stirling 14 Vintage Caravan

Stirling 14 vintage caravan

This Stirling 14 caravan was bought new in Easter 1959 and has now become a vintage caravan. The epitome of luxury from that time, it's reminiscent of the seaside of the old times. Time and seaside air has turned the towing brackets into ferrous Viennetta but the underside of the caravan is in quite good condition, and the tyres still have air in them. The luxury wood interior of the caravan is built like a yacht but dampness over the years has not been favourable to the state of it. So, some restoration work is required and will be quite a challenge to anyone daring enough to take on this labour of love, to restore the vintage caravan to its former glory.

The upholstery is in quite good condition, and is made of much thicker stuff than even the most expensive caravans these days. The caravan still has its original gaslamps, dinner plates and cups&saucers, classic old-style whistling kettle, and some seaside paraphernalia from the old times.

The caravan is a family heirloom and I feel it should be treasured. However, there are serious questions of what to about it as I emigrate (as a tax exile). The caravan is a bit fragile and there is the matter of careful moving onto a low-loader trailer and into a container.

A while ago this Stirling 14 vintage caravan was put on sale on this page, and although this has caused quite a lot of interest, at around August 2009 it had not been sold.

So, I decided to take it with me to Panama.

This will almost certainly be written about following on from this page, as it's likely to be an interesting story.

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* As part of the agreement in the sale of such an item, the deal has to include a photograph to be sent after the restoration. Partly this is so I can be sure it's "going to a good home", but it's also so I can publish the "before and after" shots online. This applied to the old post van as well as other interesting antiquities.

* If you have a Stirling 14 caravan and you are hoping to move it in a shipping container, the container required is a "High Cube". The height is a crucial issue.

On another point, did you know you can get Caravan Insurance? See Swinton Caravan Insurance and AA Caravan Insurance