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Swift - small bird that can fly very fast.

Swift - spacecraft on the lookout for gamma ray bursts from exploding stars which disintegrated violently a long time ago, near the start of the universe. Also see space and astronomy. (The name isn't an acronym - it's named after the bird, because of the fast automatic response of the spacecraft to turn and look at gamma ray bursts as soon as they are noticed).

Swift Car - Insurance company.

Jonathan Swift - Writer of Gulliver's Travels, a political satire making fun of things of the time (18th Century), but with curiously reoccurring themes (21st Century!).

Swift Office Supplies - Zoomy birdy supplies for the office.

Swift Bank Database - International bank accounts database in Belgium. Although the data is kept secret from almost everyone, it's no longer regarded as private as in 2006 the US Secret Service was found to be using the Swift Database to spy on everyone's bank accounts for "anti terrorism" reasons. It's typical for unpopular governments to regard everyone as a suspected terrorist. See other antiterrorist nonsense - was - hijacked by cybersquatters


Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.