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Swinton Caravan Insurance
In conjunction with Safeguard UK

It's nice to be different, even in the insurance business. Yet many insurance companies offer "car insurance", "home insurance", and "travel insurance", and those pigeonholes won't allow something which is all three, a caravan!

I've seen some quite well known names in insurance fail to suss this. I've told them I'd like to insure this house and it includes contentsSwinton which includes the stuff in the garden and that includes the caravan, and they sort-of sidestep the issue and claim "a caravan is a vehicle". But then when asked about insuring a vehicle that's actually a caravan, they don't seem to be able to cope with the engine capacity.

Similarly, travel insurance tends to assume that the traveller won't be towing their accommodation with them, and so on.

However, now at last there's this: Swinton Caravan Insurance, which is actually a specialist insurance for caravans. So, if that's what you'd like to insure, now's your chance.Swinton

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