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Talk Talk
Free Phone Calls if you live in the UK

Talk Talk is a LANDLINE communication offer provided by the Carphone Warehouse to compete with British Telecom and other communication companies in the free market economy which is the UK Telephone Network. To take advantage of the free calls you have to live in the UK, which we're reliably informed still includes Northern Ireland (2004). If you live in the UK and aren't a recluse you'll probably have heard the deep melodic voice of John Peel extolling the virtues of Talk Talk in a widespread advertising campaign across all the media.

They got John Peel to advertise Talk Talk because the offer sounds so incredible that they needed someone reassuring and trusted to convince folk that it was true!

Here's what TalkTalk say at Commission Junction:

"Talk Talk is the home phone company from The Carphone Warehouse. Customers who sign-up to Talk Talk can phone other Talk Talk customers across the UK and Northern Island for FREE! As you could imagine people are rushing to make the most of this fantastic offer".

"All TalkTalk customers can TalkTalk to each other absolutely free. And they save on calls to everyone else. That's it. No catches. Free calls to all TalkTalk customers All other calls up to 30% cheaper than BT and if you don't save money we'll give you £1000. Keep your existing phone number and BT will continue to charge your line rental. No joining fee, no prefix to dial and no additional hardware required".

So now you can see why it takes some believing. It's true, though.Talk TalkTalk Talk

You can even sign up online:


https:/ (Brighter Broadband) affiliate program is now with TradeDoubler. Talk Talk is a company that was very positive about affiliates. Well Done to Talk Talk!

TalkTalk refusing to give in to UK Government Bullies: Well Done to TalkTalk for telling the draconian authoritarian UK government not to be so silly! The fact is, guilt isn't a matter of suspicion, and the government policies are so out-of-touch that TalkTalk have quite reasonable said they won't comply! This improves TalkTalk's cred here, and so it has become important to get back on the affiliate program.

However, then we get this: which has comment by another affiliate saying that TalkTalk are making a mistake in their criteria and that they don't understand affiliates! I've been in touch with our friends at TradeDoubler, and I am now joining the TalkTalk affiliate program. I am not a registered company. I've been a sole tradership for YEARS!

The collection of both good and bad comments about TalkTalk continues with the fact that after TalkTalk took over Tiscali, people's webspaces disappeared. Not good!

In December 2010, TalkTalk said that they were only taking on new accounts if the customer handed over their line-rental. This is fundamentally bad and inflexible. However, it may not be true, in which case they in effect don't know what they are talking about, or alternatively it's true, in which case they need to be avoided.

Caution: I am no longer recommending TalkTalk (even though I have been a good, long-term customer of Tiscali/TalkTalk) until a complaint against TalkTalk / Tiscali has been resolved! If you want to sign up to them, then I hope you don't have the trouble that I had as a customer of Tiscali / TalkTalk!

TalkTalk Censoring The Internet? There has been a problem noticed in 2010, where, if you have TalkTalk as your ISP, a great many websites are invisible to you. Although it might be tempting to assume that TalkTalk are involved in some sinister racketeering with oppressive governments trying to silence free speech, this is probably not what is happening in the case of the apparent censorship. The current favoured explanation is that TalkTalk have some form of naff caché of websites and it's not been updated for months! So, websites that have been online and live for a while still say "this site is in construction". To test this, and to see if your Internet connection is any good, if you have TalkTalk as your ISP, have a look at Toxic Drums and see if it says "not found". If it does, really you need to replace your ISP and get something that actually works!

Also check Stamp Demon and make sure you can see an actual website. If instead you see some sort of "holding page", then your ISP has got a DNS cache poisoning problem!