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Make a call in your car safely with Talktool. Better still with their technology, you won't get busted!


"In December 2003, a new legislation came into effect in the UK to ban the use of hand-held mobile phones or similar devices when driving.

From 27th Feb 2007 the UK Road safety Act introduced a tougher penalty. Drivers now face a 60 fine and three points on their license if they are caught using their hand-held phone behind the wheel.

Talktool.com has been established since 2002 and since then has built the reputation as the UKs leading manufacturer/developer and distributor of Bluetooth handsfree solutions. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective and reliable range of handsfree products to enable drivers to continue to communicate while on the go more safely and legally.

Our latest product, the Talktool BT2800 handsfree system is the next generation of Bluetooth products, giving the user all the fundamental features of a fully-fitted car-kit but without the obvious cost, hassle and restrictions of having one fitted!"

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