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Tariam Satellite Communications

If you're having trouble getting a decent speed broadband in your area, you ought to give Tariam Satellite Communications a try, to see if they can give you a better service.

Tariam Satellite Communications:

"Tariam Homenet (powered by TooWay) offers a 3.6 Mb two-way domestic satellite broadband service for homes and businesses in UK 'not-spots'.

This offerings fits very well with broadband price comparison websites because it offers a real high-speed alternative for sites where there's no fixed line adsl service or inadequate speeds.

Recent statistics show:

- 250,000 homes can’t get fixed line broadband (BBC Online)

- Homes and businesses more than 4 Km from the exchange, wont be able to get 2 Mbs, and as a result 3 million homes can't get 2 Mbps (Samknows)

- According to a recent Government survey 9% of UK households are still on dial-up.

Tariam offers the most competitively priced solution in the UK for home users with many unique components like no-quibble 3 month contracts, online billing and support, and rapid deployment".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.tariam.co.uk/ affiliate program is with DGM PRO