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Income Tax Relief

Get Your Tax Rebate Online Today

Personal Taxation Services can help. If you pay too much tax in the UK, and/or if you're self-employed or in business these people may be able to help with your tax, reduce your tax bills, and even get you a tax rebate. Just because you're good at running your business doesn't mean you are the expert at tax matters, and that's where tax specialists can help. They can sometimes even get money back which you have already paid.

"Income Tax Relief operates the internet marketing arm of Personal Taxation Services & Tax Watchdog companies, the UK's leading low cost personal tax specialists.Tax Relief PTS is the UK's leading independent tax rebate specialist - over 60 million of tax has been recovered for ordinary taxpayers since the service was started in 1994. The group also offers a full Self Assessment Tax Return service through Tax Watchdog, along with Accountancy services through Tax Watchdog Direct. Our knowledgeable staff are a mixture of qualified tax specialists and accountants, along with ex-Inland Revenue staff. They draw upon a wealth of expertise about the UK's personal tax system".

Income Tax Relief could help you get a refund of your tax if you have paid too much in the past. And they say "If we can't secure a tax rebate for you, it won't cost you a penny".

Did you know that "A staggering one in three tax codes are wrong, and yours could be one of them. To date (2004/03) we have successfully recovered more than 60 million of overpaid tax for our clients, with an average rebate in excess of 150".

Tax Watchdog offers services for those caught by Self Assessment including a comprehensive tax return completion and submission service - inclusive of practically all aspects of personal tax, and for the self employed, Tax Watchdog Direct offers a full, professional accountancy service as well as completing your tax return.

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Extra note: Another place that specialises in getting you a tax refund from the taxman because you have been paying too much tax can be found here: Refunds Direct