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TEFL England

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Would you like to have a go at teaching English as a foreign language? If you would, take a look at TEFL England and open up job opportunities abroad.

TEFL England:

"With over 25 years experience in teaching abroad, in the UK and teacher training, the TEFL England team aims to provide the best quality TEFL training at the best value.

We believe that anyone can become a teacher with the right training and the right attitude.TEFL England

'I never saw myself as a teacher, standing up in front of people was not my thing at all, but after just a few weeks in my first job in Greece that all changed', Jennifer MacKenzie, Co-founder of TEFL England.

TEFL England provides online training worldwide as well as classroom courses throughout the UK.

Courses are aimed at anyone who can speak English that wants to travel and teach English.

Courses are accredited by various institutions and most courses are booked online by card or paypal".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Tefl Place!

TEFL England

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