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In the words of Telewest 2007...

* "Telewest is a pioneer of high quality digital TV, internet and telephone services in the UK, and we were the first to offer internet and unlimited phone packages.

* We now have over 1.8 million customers – every other minute someone comes over to Telewest. We pride ourselves on the level of our customer care and have won many awards and most recently won Call Centre of the Year 2005 awarded by the Call Centre Association ahead of Tesco, Royal Bank of Scotland and RAC.

* We provide the latest services through our state-of-the-art fibre optic cable network. You don't need a dish and installation is easy.Virgin Media

* Our Customer Charter ensures you get the best possible help and fair treatment, always.

Find out why our broadband, digital TV and phone services are such good value for money".

The affiliate program was with Commission JunctionVirgin

Early in 2007, along with NTL and Virgin.net , the company became Virgin Media

As of 2012, Virgin Media are proving to be a dead-loss, as they have stupid policies on their affiliate program. Therefore, until they get themselves sorted out, other TV is recommended