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Tesco Home Phone

Tesco Home Phone

Tesco Home PhoneThe Supermarkets are offering some real bargain these days. Tesco Home Phone Services is one of them. Have a look at their text...

"Tesco Home Phone:

Tesco Telecoms Home Phone services are everything our customers would expect from Tesco. We buy very large chunks of talktime from our suppliers and pass the savings on. Simple. We constantly check our prices to ensure we are giving our customers the best deal.

Tesco home phone offers low cost calls from your home phone, which will mean great savings on your home phone bill.

You can apply now if you have an existing BT line (not cable), are the named BT account holder, are over 18, and have a UK bank account.

Note: You will need to keep your BT line to make the switch to Tesco home phone. You will still have to pay BT line rental which means that you will continue to get a bill from them every quarter for your line rental".

There are three packages available from Tesco Home Phone:

Talk 1 - pay as you go; Talk 2 - evenings/weekends and Talk 3 - anytime.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.tesco.com/homephone affiliate program was with Affiliate Window. We hope they will start another programme again soon! In the meantime, please look at other Communication Companies at this site. It's a shame this page has had to be bunged up

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