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The Art Fund

Great art should be saved and be accessible to all. That's where you can help by supporting The Art Fund. However, we can't help thinking that we'd rather not see some recent pieces saved at all!

The Art Fund:

"The Art Fund is an independent charity committed to saving art for everyone to enjoy.

Since we began in 1903, we have helped to save over 860,000 works of art. Today, some 80,000 members fund our work.

How do we help?

We use our independence to campaign for the proper funding of museums and the continued enrichment of public collections throughout the UK. As an independent, membership-based charity which receives no funding from the government or the Lottery, The Art Fund is uniquely placed to speak out on behalf of museums and their visitors.

We do this by:

- Campaigning for adequate and sustained funding for museums across the UK

- Lobbying for improved tax incentives to encourage individuals to sell or donate objects to museums

- Conducting research, stimulating debate and influencing policy

- We promote wide access to art.

The Art Fund led the campaign to extend free admission to all national museums and galleries, which achieved success in 2001.

At a time when public funding for museum collecting is in steep decline, The Art Fund has an increasingly vital role to play. We depend on our members for the funds we so urgently need".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


The Art Fund

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