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INTERNATIONAL ROCK MUSIC HEAVY METAL VENUE IN BOSTON UKGive it what for, Charlie! Punk Rock lives on!The sound has to be seen to be believed!

Someone really should write a website for this remarkable place. I wish GOOD LUCK to whoever does this, because it will be tricky to do it justice.

See international rock stars perform live at a place where you sup a pint at your local pub?

Familiar faces you might know?And, it's in Boston UK.





The actual site was going to be at: but that's now another place!

Pictures on this page were taken on 2000/11/28 at the performance by the legendary punk band the UK SUBS <= LINK HERE

Update 2006: Still no news on an official Axe and Cleaver website, although I'm sure Vivostar would be keen to be involved in the hosting. Meanwhile, though, an announcement of a forthcoming event: KNOCK OUT KAINE Live at the Axe Friday 14 July 2006. See Knock Out Kaine at