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Not to be confused with Toffs Ltd, official makers of retro world cup football shirts

Toffs World

"Toffsworld has everything for today's man or woman ... Over 2,000 pages of information with links to more than 7,000 handpicked websites. No subject is sacred, we cover everything from Earls to Escorts and everything in between! Included in membership is a monthly e-zine brimming with ideas and carrying you to a world of excitement, fantasy and sheer digital mania. Access to private jets, luxury estates, gourmet food and the world's most exotic locations. And money-saving opportunities galore - cut-price airlines, imported cars, cheap golf balls - we've found them all. Tips and tricks are everywhere but if members need assistance or advice, they can call our members' hotline. It's here at last - pure inspiration. ... All for less than 1p a week! Your special one off registration fee of 49 brings you lifetime access to private jets, luxury estates, gourmet food, fine wines and the world's most exotic locations. And it opens the door to an extravaganza of money-saving deals. We show you where to get up to 70% off your hotel bills, where to get huge savings on hire cars, cruises and even restaurant bills. You can save a fortune. Cut-price airlines, imported cars, cheap golf balls - we've got them all. We teach you ALL the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of modern living. And if a member needs assistance or advice - just phone our members' hotline. One quick call and it's problem solved. That's ToffsWorld. Pure inspiration"


http://www.toffsworld.com () was linked via a link through another company from this page from Issue 59 of this site (2003/03/30) and was still live on Issue 74 (2004/10/14) but there is a mystery about some of the details. We could look through the archives and find out exactly what happened. Although the official website was not found 2004/12, we are reliably informed that it's always been there. It's certainly there now, at the time of writing this (2006/05/03).

I am keen to find out about things to do with the wealthy lifestyle, and I am hoping to find a tax haven now that my business is doing quite well.

This page was created in good faith, and has continued in the hopes of being good for business for a long while.

Note: This is just a page advertising the place, and is not Toff's World. I'm quite mystified about it myself.

News 2006: Toffs World is live! We are in touch with the friendly people there, and this page is pending amendment to reflect the current situation now that we are reliably informed that we are included in their privileged directory of hand-picked websites!

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