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Tower BridgeTower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge, London

Completed 30th June 1894.

If you stand across the gap in the middle you really can feel the two halves of the bridge bouncing up and down!

Tower Bridge, as well as being an excellent piece of architecture, a busy highway across the river Thames, and a high-powered machine that can hoist up and allow tall ships through, is also a tourist attraction that you can visit and for a modest fee in touristy terms and go touring around. The tag-line is something like "Why do you think they are called WALKWAYS?" referring to the sections across the top which you can actually walk across! You can also visit the engine rooms, souvenir shop, etc.

Tower Bridge websites:

Tower Bridge Community: www.tower-bridge.org.uk

Tower Bridge Experience: www.towerbridge.org.uk

Also see London Bridge which is not far upstream of this.

Also see the Tower of London which is just to the North and another picture of Tower Bridge taken from London Bridge

Quite near to Tower Bridge there is the permanently moored HMS Belfast which is also a tourist attraction!