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* Business is good! Companies should be allowed to communicate!

* Please don't send junkmail. (None of the addresses on this site are opt-in!)

The daft rules about messages being "unsolicited" are in error. In a capitalist society it SHOULD be allowed that companies may make unsolicited requests to people. What's important is that any communication should accept a possible REPLY. This rule, the equal commitment on the part of the original sender to that of the recipient, is seen in the TRUE DEFINITION OF SPAM, which leaves the 105th Congress with an embarrassingly inferior definition! To see more about the philosophy of this sort of thing, see the SPAM page. Meanwhile, if you are in business and would like to write a message to this site, you can! However, you have to be honest about it!


Also see a few guidelines

Businesses without JavaScript may also communicate writing to an e-mail address composed from the phrase "trade-entrance" followed by @ followed by zyra.org.uk

Other useful links: How to set up a business , How to build a website , etc.