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Medical-grade Laser hair removal equipment for use at home

Forget waxing and shaving your hair - laser it! With Tria you can blast those hairs and save the pain of cutting yourself or the ouch of waxing.


"TRIA is the first proven laser hair removal system for home use. TRIA is compact, hand-held and rechargeable, and harnesses advanced technology similar to what you would find in a medical professional’s office. The difference? TRIA makes laser hair removal in the privacy of your own home possible.

TRIA Benefits:

- Scientifically-proven safety and efficacyTria

- Dermatologist tested and recommended

- Simple and easy to use

- Minimal maintenance requirements

- Cordless, portable and convenient

- No protective eyewear necessary

- The answer to long-lasting hair removal

Tria - the first medical grade home laser hair removal system to give salon results in your own home.

After Tria's massive success in Japan, the hand held laser hair removal system has now been approved for sale in the United Kingdom. It has had lot of media coverage as a result of being reviewed on GMTV and Nadine Baggott has done a review personally".

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