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Computer keyboard looking a bit unfashionable? Some of the keys on it dating back to a previous operating system? No need to feel glum about it, just UPGRADE IT! Indeed this can done for almost nothing, ie not a lot more than the latest operating system LINUX has cost you to buy! Here's how to do it:

The result: Upgraded keyboard now has LINUX PENGUIN keys where previously there had been symbols of a previous operating system. See, now up-to-date, and without having to spend money on a new keyboard with Linux Penguin keys already fitted as standard.

If you like the idea of this, the invention is declared to be SHAREWARE, and if you'd like to make a voluntary contribution, please send what you think it's worth to: c/o Zyra at the Shareware Office Address. Cheques payable to Zyra Electric. Good stories about implementations of the idea can be sent by e-mail

Feel free to save / print / distribute this page, and tell your friends you saw it at www.zyra.org.uk on the SHAREWARE INVENTIONS pages.

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News update: 2005/01: I have heard that you can actually buy a keyboard by CHERRY which has Penguin Keys built in. Well Done to Cherry! (I wonder if they've got an affiliate program)