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Good and Bad in TV Internet

When considering going ONLINE and getting an Internet system, it may be tempting to avoid the techie notion of getting "a computer" and go for something more domesticated like a Television Set which just happens to do Internet as well. If this sounds like a good idea, it's worth knowing some thing that are Good and Bad in TV Internet.

Firstly, the GOOD. The Bush Internet TV. We like this! It's the proper full uncensored Internet with access to everything the television set can technically cope with.

In contrast, beware of the BAD in Internet TV. This takes the form of SOME satellite and cable systems which are restricted, censored, and only allow you to see what THEY want you to!

HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE: The important question is whether the TV Internet set will or will not allow you access to the proper complete full uncensored Internet or whether it only allows access to a restricted set which is controlled by the authoritarian Secret Service, or some overcommercialised selling system, or some kind of TV Internet Nanny. Some systems are the full PROPER INTERNET, and some are not.

There is a simple test which will determine the truth. When looking at buying a TV with Internet, make sure you SEE a site viewed on it yourself in the shop before you buy it, a site which is not approved or or rubber-stamped by any authority. The site here is ideal for that. See, see if the set will load up:


Or, in the unlikely event my site gets approved of and included in anything rather than excluded like things usually are if they are individualistic, pick a website of someone who is "just someone", an individual with a website. And see if the television set will load that up.

If it WILL, then you can conclude that it is most likely a full Internet system. But if it won't, then DON'T BUY IT! You wouldn't buy a box of chocolates that had had all the ones some authority thought might be bad for you taken out, and you wouldn't buy a newspaper that had all the news and opinions snipped out by the censors to leave only the commercial advertisements, so DON'T SUPPORT CENSORED INTERNET! (also see Campaign against Internet censorship www.liberty.org.uk and other Human Rights links)

My advice on buying an Internet machine is to buy a secondhand computer from a boffin.

See: Advice on buying a computer

It would be a good idea to have some test results on some Internet TVs. The current position (2003/07) is that some of the supposed "Internet" systems supplied by some satellite/cable companies ARE NOT THE FULL INTERNET.

On testing some of the INTERNET TV varieties available, some have passed the test! Yes indeed you can get proper Internet on an Internet TV. Examples of proper Entire-Internet on a TV include FREEDOMLAND, and the BUSH INTERNET TV. For more info on Freedomland LINK HERE

The BUSH INTERNET TV is by a reasonable definition the proper Internet. Well done to BUSH for doing this properly! You can talk to Bush on that by phoning UK 020 8787 3000. On a philosophical point, the company is a bit modest about the "Is it the full Internet?" question, saying it's only 95% because the set won't show moving images on websites. However, that's not a problem, because ANY SITE can be made visible, the makers of the site having a policy of "graceful degradation". Ie if you have a site, YOU have the freedom to make it available on a Bush Internet TV, by having an "Any Browser Compatible" policy in website design.

Bush Internet TVs can be bought from such places as Comet, TESCO Electrical Shop, Woolworths and a great many other places. See list of electrical shops

PRINT or SAVE or CONVERT TO TEXT this page, for showing to people who aren't connected to the Net.

Challenge a salesman to load that website on a TV receiver with Internet.

Then e-mail me on tv-internet@ zyra.org.uk

Extra note about Bush Internet TV: The Bush Internet TV is good for the evolution of the Internet! It encourages good practice in building websites which are AnyBrowser compatible and discourages the use of flashy browser-specific stuff!