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Caution: Smashing TV Tubes is very dangerous and if you are silly enough to smash a tv tube then it is upon your own responsibility to make sure no-one is hurt!

On this site is now available a sound which was made by smashing a 26-inch colour tv tube. It's true that such tv tube smashing produces a violent bang and that pieces of sharp glass go flying about very dangerously, but it's not an "explosion" - it's an IMPLOSION. This interesting fact is of very little comfort if you are unfortunate enough to be too close.

Link HERE to get that sound (42 Kilobytes)

Sound copyright Zyra 2000, but is released as shareware. So if you would like to use it, DO use it, and send a voluntary contribution for what you think it's worth to: Zyra, c/o the Shareware Office Address. Cheques made payable to Zyra's Bazaar.

More about TV Tube Smashing

Having problems SAVING the sound?

If the sound isn't BIG then see if you need some gramophone computer speakers

The sound of a tv tube imploding makes a good sound to put on the start-up "sounds" option of some types of operating systems, and helps to counterbalance the fact that some of them are a bit twee.