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uju London

If you don't want your kids to look like everyone else's, you may want to visit UJU London. However, don't forget individuality comes at a price.

uju London:

"Uju London was formed in spring 2003 (by Sally Davidson and Hyunjoo Elliott) shortly after we were introduced by a mutual friend. Almost before we knew each others names we had an incredible sense that destiny was at work and that we would partner together in something really exciting (that wouldn't involve bungee jumping).

We have 2 children each, and we're passionate about producing clothes for kids that look beautiful, in great quality fabrics for the right price.

We also think its really important to give something back. We are partnering with Global Angels to assist in their vision of helping children across the world. We totally support their cause and their mission to 'release a revolution of kindness'. For this season we will be donating 1.00 from every kimono sold.

We also support World Vision and their child sponsorship programme. Uju sponsors 8 children at the moment (we would like to make it 100 in three years time).

Ethical issues

We are extremely careful where we manufacture our clothes. At present we produce all our garments in Korea. (Hyunjoo is Korean, which helps!). We have visited every site where any point of contact with our clothes has been made and can vouch for exemplary standards pertaining to health, safety, and ethics on every level".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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UJU London

http://www.ujulondon.com affiliate program was with Affiliate Window but now it's gone and this page has had to be bunged up. But surely they will have a new affiliate program somewhere? Please let us know! Meanwhile, folks, see other fashion and baby stuff here.