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NEW Official site: www.u-kan.co.uk

The United Kingdom Advocacy Network does a lot of good work. In particular, if you are mad it's nice to have someone speak up for you. UKAN provides Advocacy, so you need never be stuck without help in an asylum or in various other situations where you feel disempowered and where someone ON YOUR SIDE would be very helpful. The UKAN magazine is called The Advocate, copies of which can sometimes be found, or not, as the case may be. UKAN is a charitable organisation which has many member organisations. There are meetings which are generally quite dignified, and only when the budget gets a bit short do organisations such as the Voices Forum get banished, and then only temporarily. UKAN is an organisation which tries very hard to be politically correct, perhaps too much so. But its heart is in the right place.

This UNOFFICIAL website (this page) was provided by ZYRA because the official UKAN sites had a tendency to evaporate. Someone has to tell the world about how to contact UKAN and to speak up for them. After all, it's what they do for us mad people, isn't it?!

UKAN now (2005/02) have a site which is remaining in place quite well. It is: www.u-kan.co.uk

To contact UKAN, phone Peter Munn, or Terry Simpson on 0114 272 8171 in Sheffield, UK. (for outside UK +44 114 272 8171). Or you can e-mail, or you can write to VOLSERVE HOUSE 14-18 WEST BAR GREEN SHEFFIELD S1 2DA.

This page, written by a well-meaning paranoid schizophrenic, exists to help to keep a UKAN presence online.

OFFICIAL site is now www.u-kan.co.uk

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