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A British banner-exchange system

You may remember Russian Link Exchange which was a banner exchange which provided links across the vast Russian land. Well, there's now a British company which offers something similar but in the UK, with British websites being connected up.

This is a surprisingly big market, and the company, UK banners and Splut, serves up about a thousand million banners per year. This is so big that if you join the exchange you might not even see your own banners on other people's websites! However, don't worry, because what matters is that other folks see your banners. You'll soon start to notice when new visitors start to come to your website because of the good promotion.

For every ten other folks' banners you display at your site, you get eight of your banners displayed at other websites. This is fair, and everyone's got to make a profit.

The difference allows Splut and UK Banners to sell the excess inventory to paid advertisers. This is good for business. Now that Google has become unreliable in its organic search, I am keen to promote my website via alternative channels. UK Banners may be a good way to get my website promoted, especially considering the reasonable price of the advertising.

In the spirit of the old "TV Rooms" of banner advertising, you can visit the link page and see a variety of banners served by the UK Banners network. This is interesting, because for one thing you'll see some of the websites which they promote, and also you'll get an idea of what sort of advertising is being offered should you wish to have your company promoted.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

People clicking on my banners and visiting my website from the promotional banner campaign are introduced to Zyra.org.uk via the welcome feature which is a website front-end.