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UK Power

Move suppliers with UK Power. They offer an Consumer Focus accredited service and provide you with an unbiased comparison service. Take a look and see how much you can save.

UK Power:

"Who is UKPower.co.uk for?

Anybody household that wants to save money on their gas and electricity bills.

What does UKPower.co.uk do?

UKPower.co.uk helps customers to save money on their gas and electricity bills through our free, impartial gas and electricity comparison and switching service.

The calculator takes input from the user and returns results based on their location, current supplier and tariff. Results can be viewed by price, rating or green only tariffs.

UKPower.co.uk is not an energy supplier but an independent, Energywatch approved service, providing our consumers with unbiased comparisons".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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UK Power

http://www.ukpower.co.uk/ affiliate program was with Commission Junction but is now an Independent Affiliate Program

Previously, UK Power was described as an “Energywatch approved service”. Energywatch no longer exists unfortunately but has been replaced by Consumer Focus and UK Power is fully accredited to the Consumer Focus Confidence Code to compare energy for domestic consumers.