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uSwitch gives you free,Digital Television impartial advice and information about the prices and services of Gas, Electricity, Telephone (home and mobile) and Digital TV.

You can use the uSwitch 'on-line calculator' for FREE to see if you would be bettergas rig or worse off switching to another service provider. (It was satisfying to find that I was already making aelectricity power station saving with my existing phone company).

uSwitch.com is a free, impartial online comparison and switching service. uSwitch helps people to compare prices on a wide range of products and services from gas and electricity and broadband to car insurance and mobile phones.

Our tools and calculators make it quick and easy for people to get the best deallink here for gas and electricity by comparing prices from a wide range of suppliers in one place. We do all the hard work for you there's no need to spend hours online or on the phone trying to find the best prices.

People use uSwitch.com because it saves them money! As they say at uSwitch: "Someone saves money with us every 25 seconds and over 1.5 million people have saved money on their energy bills with uSwitch. There are some great savings to be made too, for example:

* You could save up to 530 on gas and electricity

* You could save up to 220 by switching to a bundle for your broadband, home phone and digital TV

Because uSwitch do not buy the gas, electricity, phones etc and sell them on to you, how do they make any money you may ask? Well the answer is that they only get a small commission from the provider if you actually sign up for the new service on line via the uSwitch website, but you pay the same price as if you went directly to the service provider.

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If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.uSwitch.com was on an independent affiliate program and is now with Affili.net

The links to uSwitch on this page have now been restored. Welcome Back uSwitch!gas rig

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