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Whatever happened to Virgin Media and their affiliate program?

A few years ago, Virgin Media made a grand announcement, and their new broadband service was hailed as the best thing ever. Sliced Bread seemed small in comparison.

In fact even as late as March 2009 the Virgin Media website said "Virgin Broadband Twice as fast as BT, Tiscali and Orange" and went on to say "Our up to 10Mb fibre optic broadband isn't just fast. It's at least 2 times faster than BT, Tiscali and Orange". Well I'm not sure that "2 times faster" is even grammatical, but let's leave aside such linguistic finesse for a while. Note that it is "fibre optic broadband" which, if it were literally true, would mean that you had a glass cable going to your computer. That would be considerably faster that twice. However, a broadband link is as slow as its slowest link, and unless they're going to put glass fibre-optic cables down your street, then how fast is it going to be?

I'm sure Virgin Media are good intentioned, and they really believe they are going to achieve these grand ambitions.

For a communications company they are quite difficult to get in touch with, and even such a basic matter as getting their affiliate program sorted out seems to be something relying on hoping someone is going to phone back.

Well, let's hope they manage to get in touch some time, ... YES! We have some communication!

During times when the Virgin Media page is corked, I say: So, customers, if you'd like to visit Virgin Media, you are welcome to type in the web address which is http://www.virginmedia.com/ , or you could examine and compare other broadband suppliers

There was another problem a while ago, when the page was corked, and it was not the fault of Virgin Media. It was a problem to do with the affiliate marketing company Platform A Buy.at (AOL) and their failure to negotiate amicably a contract which we could all agree to. Thankfully this was all solved when Platform A Buy.at was bought out by Affiliate Window! I felt a bit sorry for Virgin Media, because they were missing out and it wasn't their fault about Buy.at , and in contrast those rival companies named by Virgin Media, ie BT, Tiscali and Orange, at the time all had amicable agreements via other networks). Later, when Virgin Media had their affiliate program at Phd Affiliates, the links just disappeared leaving us in the lurch. Searches suggest strongly the program has moved to being at The New Buy.at (part of Digital Media), but the merchant list there doesn't confirm this.

Hopefully it will be Good News and another Welcome Back! See Virgin Media

In the meantime, Virgin Media are missing out! Bad news for them, but good news for their rival phone companies , mobile phone companies , Internet service providers , etc!