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Virgin Media
TV / Broadband / Phone / Mobile

Virgin Media is the new name for Virgin.net and now includes NTL and Telewest. A huge campaign of advertising in early 2007 suggests Virgin Media to be a television rival to Sky TV, and with the combined broadband, phone, and mobile, this could be a new media phenomenon. We will see. Here's a press release 2007/01/19 by Virgin Media:

Virgin Media"Hello you!!!

The future is bursting with fresh entertainment and communication possibilities. And that's why Virgin Media are here - to bring all the excitement to you as consumers and affiliates.

Virgin Media is the first company to offer customers Digital TV, Broadband, Phone and Mobile. We're here to make things simpler, fairer and better for customers and with a huge multi million pound launch campaign behind us, you now have the opportunity to join in the fun!Virgin Media

But it's what each of those services brings that's so much more exciting. Services like live TV that stops and starts when you want it to. Broadband that lets you download as much music and movies as you like. Simple phone packages that fit around your life. And a mobile phone service that's been voted the UK's best for customer services 6 years in a row.Virgin Media

We're aiming to make the whole Virgin Media experience as effortless as the award-winning service our Virgin Mobile customers have enjoyed for years.

Want to know a bit more about us? Check out" ...

was http://affiliates.phd.co.uk/z/580/CD4084



http://www.virginmedia.com/ affiliate program was with old Buy.at and then it moved to Phd IQ and to New Buy.at , but unfortunately it is now missing a link!

A long time ago: It is great that a good diplomatic solution was reached with the affiliate program and the reconnection so this new page could be created and benefit from the long-standing existence of the old pages for Virgin.net , NTL and Telewest. It seems to make good sense that pages dedicated to the companies which previously existed and were merged into Virgin Media will now divert business into the correct channel of... Virgin Media.

So, what's gone wrong with Virgin Media now? Well, they've made a rather odd decision to have only a very small number of affiliates. This means that affiliates who have pages about all kinds of interesting stuff are left out of the affiliate program. Well, anyone's got a prerogative to miss out! It may mean that Virgin Media will end up with only a small number of customers as well, if they carry on like that! Customers are free to choose from a wide range of other ISPs which are allowed on here!

I invite Virgin Media to have a more sensible policy, because meanwhile I invite customers to go instead to the rivals of Virgin Media: other ISPs, other VoIP suppliers other Cable and Satellite TV etc. They are finding it hard to compete with Freeview, partly because Freeview is FREE, but also because Freeview has plenty of channels.

If Virgin Media change their policies and make a better decision, please let me know, and this page will be rearranged accordingly, hopefully with an affiliate link to the place.

Update 2010/10: Virgin Media seem to have fallen further down the slippery slope to doom. A test of their phone system showed mobile phones being unable to have credit added. For example, "Press 2 to put credit on this phone", and then when you press "2", it says "That is not a valid choice". Then when putting a complaint in, Virgin Media's call waiting system showed that people didn't know about the subject in question and transferred the call to yet another person who also didn't know. The only thing the system had in its favour was that the customer could choose the type of background music to listen to in the half-hour of waiting.