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Internet Phone by Vonage featured at Zyra's affiliate website

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Vonage explained…

(Please read the later material as some of this earlier stuff is historical rather than current. However the links are still good!).

In the words of Vonage UK: "The Vonage service is for customers whom already have a broadband connection, but want to make huge savings on local or international phone calls by using their connection to call friends, family or colleagues.

From as little as 5.99 per month your customers will be able to make unlimited landline calls across the UK and Ireland. Plus there are also plans available that provide free unlimited calls to select international locations like Canada, US, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

The service works just like a normal phone service.

Very competitive offers to choose from:Vonage V-Phone

Residential Plans

UK Vonage Domestic Plan:
Free unlimited calls to the UK and Ireland.
5.99 for 6 months (7.99 thereafter)

Vonage World Plan 1
Free unlimited calls to UK & Ireland
Plus: France, Italy, Spain, US, Canada
Just 7.99/month

Vonage World Plan 2
Free unlimited calls to UK & Ireland
Plus: Australia, New Zealand, Germany, US, Canada
Just 7.99/month
Vonage VOIP

Small Business - 18.99 per month
for more info go to
Vonage and see "premium services"

After you have joined Vonage and selected the package that best fits your requirements, there is a choice of hardware for you to choose. One of these is the latest gadget, the V-Phone.

**** NEW (2007) V-Phone ****Vonage V-Phone

It’s the world’s smallest and most portable landline. This new handy device fits on a key ring to allow the Vonage service to be used wherever the customer is. Make and receive phone calls from any broadband connection, with all the same value added features as the standard Vonage service (free unlimited calling). No software to download and no installation. Just plug & Go.

The USB connector already contains the Vonage Talk software so just needs to be plugged it in to a computer (must have a broadband connection) and away they go! Fantastic for people on the go, travellers and students!

V-Phone Package (details correct at time of publishing 2007/03)
1 Month Fee (7.99 thereafter), 19.99 for the V-phone..."

At a later time, Vonage (2010/07) said this:

"Vonage are a leading provider of VoIP Solutions and offer a range of VoIP packages starting from 5.99 a month. Services include free local UK calls and free/very low cost international calls.Vonage VOIP Vonage also offer a totally portable solution allowing you to use your Vonage package anywhere that has a broadband connection even without a computer, just plug in the Vonage router into the broadband connection to start making/receiving calls, you can even keep your existing number.

Vonage offer consumers and SOHO users the opportunity to move away from their expensive landline providers. Vonage works just like a traditional phone line except calls are made over a user’s existing broadband connection. Calls are made from your home phone to any landline and mobile around the world. Users can even use their existing digital or touch tone telephone which plugs straight into your existing modem / router & Vonage adapter.

Users choose from five call plans, from unlimited landline calls within the UK or unlimited landline calls to the UK plus a further 44 countries - all for a low, set monthly fee. (Unlimited calls to mobiles are available for some countries (such as USA). Vonage also offer competitive rates to countries outside of these plans. It is also possible to keep your existing phone number when you move to Vonage.

Vonage can be taken with you abroad and plugged into any broadband connection globally. This means when people call you your phone will pick up calls as per usual and you can still make unlimited calls as you normally would.

All Vonage call plans (V-Plan) come with over 20 inclusive call features each geared towards making communication with friends, family and business colleagues easier and simpler.

Vonage V-PhoneHow Does Vonage Work?
Choose the desired V-Plan
Set-up new Vonage telephone number
Choose local dialling code of your choice regardless of location
Choose Vonage adapter to connect your existing touch tone phone to your broadband connection. From FREE
Receive your Vonage box within 3 days of ordering
Follow the step-by-step guide provided to plug and call

Why pick Vonage? Because you want:
- to make unlimited phone calls to UK landlines for just 5.99 a month
- to never worry about how long your call is…
- …or what your bill will be
- to be free to call many international landlines (and some mobiles) for a low set monthly fee (all kinds of packages available)
- to be able to use your Vonage phone anywhere in the world, just by plugging it into a broadband connection
- to keep your original number, but ditch your existing phone provider
- if you are a cable customer, to get a cheaper phone service (you can cancel your cable phone line and use Vonage over your cable broadband connection)
- a second phone line so the kids don’t hog the main phone (and you want to avoid the 124.99 charge to install a second
BT phone line, as well as the second high monthly line rental)Vonage VOIP
- or a second phone line to use when your working from home
- the flexibility you get 20 great call features, all included in your call package
- the freedom to choose a dialling code/area code rather than be tied to your geographical one - to choose an international dialling code/area code rather than be tied to the one for the country you’re in
- the call quality of a landline phone
- to be able to use a normal digital home phone – no messy headsets or wires
- to make phone calls just as normal, whether your computer is on or not.

Vonage customers range from value concerned families, temporary UK residents/expats to small businesses depending on whether they want to make cost savings or have reasons to call abroad. All customers are required to have a UK billing address and a broadband connection".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:Vonage VOIPVonage VOIP

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www.vonage.co.uk affiliate program was with TradeDoubler. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our VOIP page.

By the way, 1471 and Caller Display work on Vonage!

One of the things about Vonage is that you can turn your BT phone with BT phone number into a Vonage VoIP phone, and keeping the same number, move it from place to place. I am Zyra, and my affiliate business has done rather well, and so I am going to emigrate to Panama so I don't pay so much tax. I'd like to pack my landline phone in a bag and take it with me. Vonage seems to be a way of doing this! More about this at my Vonage Customer Testimonial