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Brickwork, but more besides

A wall can be a boundary, traditionally depicted as brickwork, and in a wider sense there are things which walls that are physical but made of other stuff. Also, barriers in a sense that are less physical, are often referred to as walls (eg. firewall). And then there are places whose name happens to be wall, walls, or something with wall in it. This page connects up to a variety of these.


Brick wall, castle walls, house walls, garden walls, etc.

The Great Wall of China. A famous military barrier, ancient construction. The only manmade object visible from space ? No.

Hadrian's Wall - an old dividing line between Roman England and Scotland. The Romans put their boundary there because they couldn't tame Scotland.

Wailing Wall - a place people went to bemoan and mourn the loss of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Wall of Jericho - an ancient flood-defence wall around the town of Jericho.

Berlin Wall - a wall barrier across the City of Berlin during the communist era.


Wall-related things:

Bathroom Wall

Walls and Floors

Wall Glamour

Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper


Expressions involving Wall

Another Brick in the Wall - famous song by Pink Floyd criticising the education system.

Fly on the Wall - having observation of a situation but without influencing it. The company "Fly On The Wall" is a security company that has cameras some of which are covert.

Up against the Wall - in a tight spot, for example when about to be shot dead by firing squad.

The Writing is On The Wall - something is foretold, usually something dire. Biblical reference. The expression gained additional popularity of use in the credit crunch (global recession) as various financial catastrophes were predicted even though people hoped they wouldn't happen.

"Hole in the Wall Machine" - ATM - automatic telling machine.

"Hole in the Wall" - game show.

"Without a City Wall" - expression meaning "Outside the city walls"

Wall; virtual

Firewall - a barrier in software in a computer to stop things getting out.

Places with Wall in the name

Wall Street - location of the US Stock Exchange, a well-known gambling place. Also see Wall Street Journal

Wall Luxury Essentials - fashion shop

Walls Icecream - Wall's Icecream, sausages, etc

Wallis - fashion

Wall-e - character in the movie of the same name

Wall - name of a town in the movie Stardust