Most websites are too normal!

Although you might think people are very different from each-other, and are individualistic, it's a sad fact that most websites don't reflect this. Most websites are worryingly normal.Thoughtful

I am Zyra, and I can tell you that websites don't need to be as conventional or boring as the norm. I'd like to introduce you to my own website, Zyra's website, , which is different.

Some websites are so depressingly normal they have tiny black text on a white background, very little colour, a few sober images, and a very simplistic design with only a few "pushbutton" style things, as if they are designed for unintelligent people with short attention spans. Some websites even have annoying sliders, which is an insult to the intelligence.

Well, are people unintelligent? And do people have short attention spans? I think it would be very sad if people were actually as stupid and as impatient as various normo website give them discredit for.

It's almost as if the bog-standard websites are designed for a particular breed of slightly retarded young children who are spoilt rotten and also have a tendency to have attention-span-deficit-syndrome. Of course they are not. They are designed with the idea that folk are actually of inadequate mental faculty. I now intend to prove folk are not as daft as this, by showing off some of the actual content at this site!

This page is part of Zyra's welcome feature, which explains Zyra's website is easy ways rather than leaving folk a bit lost at the actual front page, where the better options are the categories and the alphabetical index