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Suppose there was a shop which had a notice-board up and the offer that anyone could come along and pin their notice on the board, a lot of people would bring along something to put up on display. Websites are such things, pinned up on a noticeboard which is the Internet. However each notice can be a set of pages all linked to each other according to taste, and websites can refer to / link to each other, like QV in a dictionary. Anyone can have a website; it's not just for big companies and people who are into computers. Also, it's not difficult to build a website. What's more difficult is building a website WELL!

A long time ago there were bargain basement websites available from Zyra Internet and there were such things as Artizan, Voices, and Zyra.org.uk, but later it became apparent that the Zyra site was doing much better on affiliate programs and it ceased to be cost-effective to build websites here for other people.

If you fancy a Do-It-Yourself approach to creating your own website, see How to get a website FREE. Also, there is a general helpful commercial guide How to Get a Website

All websites can be seen anywhere in the world. Websites are not regionalised

The workings of a website can be looked at. Like taking the back off a clock. To do this do VIEW / SOURCE (varies on different browsers).

When building a website, there are a few mistakes which are commonly made but easily avoided by knowing about them! See Web design; common mistakes

A huge collection of websites can be visited via links off the random links page and various more organised category pages off this site.

If you have a website and would like to be linked-to, it may be possible to have Reciprocal Links

The first step to getting your own website is to get your own domain. See domains. See How to Choose Your Domain

Zyra's website is a notable website which has been around quite a long while, and if you fancy having your own website there's a page explaining how to get your own website