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This is a philosophical idea which takes some thinking about as it has important ramifications for the future of industry. The idea starts with reasoning about something which used to happen in the latter part of the last century. Around the 1980s there were seemingly credible respectable companies in the technology industries who had a very curious policy to the personal appearance of their employees. Bearing in mind we are talking here about companies who need quality thinkers, people who have some character and general cleverness about them, and who have a businesslike competitive world to live in, it makes the whole problem doubly absurd. The policy was that the employees should have a CONFORMIST APPEARANCE AND BEHAVIOUR. I know this sounds stupid, but that's the historical fact. And, of course, the obvious thing happened - a large proportion of the people who were really worthwhile would not tolerate this abuse of human rights and refused to work for the companies.

The idea of the Weird Company is that there is no dress code, no stuffy conformist rules about what you've got to wear when you go to work. As a result, all the really interesting people have the opportunity of working at the Weird Company. As a result, the high-tech research at the Weird Company is THE BEST. Interestingly, according to the test results generated from a computer program created at Felix Computers, even if "weird" people are only as clever as "normal" people, the average quality of ability of the workforce of the Weird Company is significantly higher than at the boringly ordinary competitors, simply because the conformists have excluded individuality of appearance for arbitrary reasons and have thereby put themselves at a disadvantage.

However, the actual situation is even more in favour of weirdness as the actual ability of weird people is higher than that of normal people. Don't just take my word for it, look at the fact that most of the greatest minds in history have been weird. What's more, the freedom of appearance and the freedom to think are linked, so ANY person working for the Weird Company finds their thinking is improved.

We would not have invented such things as the Chronomagnetogravitoscope, Dynamistry Algebra, the Free Association Machine, or even those fancy beeping electric clocks, if there had been daft rules about having to wear suits.

This is just the start of the story, and further research has found that there are other effects which can be put into effect using the power of "Insularity" and other discoveries which seemingly of a futuristic time rather than of the present. There is a lot more to be discovered, and in the meantime, Zyra Electric is sometimes termed "The Weird Company in Prototype".