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Well Done to Coca-Cola!

An example of customer service done properly

You may like the Coca-Cola company or you may dislike them. They're a big corporate company and they have a global image. You may like their products or you may not. That's a matter of taste. However, I'm writing from personal experience, about something that happened to me involving Coca-Cola.

I'm quite a good customer of Coca-Cola because I use the classic regular Coca-Cola for medicinal purposes. I'm a diabetic and I have cans of real Coca-Cola deployed in various places around my home just in case I suffer a hypoglycaemic attack. It's very effective, I have found.

I am keen on saving money by buying bulk multipacks, which have been found to be very considerably cheaper than the one-off cans.

Coca-Cola is a very consistent product and it is very rare to find anything wrong with it. However, in a multipack, I once found one of the cans was empty and yet had the ringpull still intact. An unopened can but with no contents. This is extremely rare, but it can happen. I'd guess it's less than one in a million.

Shops and manufacturers usually take such things seriously and are glad to compensate the customer. If you ever find a maggot in a can of peaches, the manufacturer will generally reward you. If not, it looks very bad.

In UK law, your customer rights are versus the place you bought the item. So, back to Asda to have a polite chat with their customer service people. Unusually, and quite surprisingly, they insisted I should contact the manufacturer instead. Normally I would not accept that position, but as it was Coca-Cola I decided to make an exception, as they have a free helpline (0800 227711) and it was conceivable that there was a mechanism in place to deal with such issues.

I phoned the number and explained the situation, and I reeled off the code numbers on the can. The helpful people there asked for my address and said they would send me a freepost return pack.

Sure enough, after a day or two, a freepost package arrived and I put the empty unopened Coca-Cola can into the pack and posted it.

Coca-Cola sent me a thankyou letter and 3 in gift vouchers, which more than covers the cost of the entire multipack.

As well as being adequately compensated, I also consider I have been some help to Coca-Cola. The code numbers on the can will help them to debug the fault in the production line and this type of information is very helpful to refine the production process.

I'm also impressed with the efficiency and fusslessness of the returns system. I did not have to pay any packing and postage, and there was no quibbling about it.

So I say Well Done to Coca-Cola!

Here, let's give them a free link: http://www.coca-cola.com

Rewarding people who find correctable faults in a company is not exclusive to big manufacturing brands. Here, at my website, I try to mend spelling mistakes and other errors if I know they are there. If you tell me about any faults, although I don't give away vouchers, I will at least thank you, and I will mend the fault. This policy is detailed on the page about faults. Please note that this is for faults at Zyra's website www.zyra.org.uk and NOT about Coca-Cola!