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Wine Thief

Pay a visit to Wine Thief, all of their bottles are stolen from the best sources! Only kidding they have paid for all of their st0ck - honestly!

Wine Thief:

"If you’re after great New Zealand wine at a steal of a price, you've arrived at the right place.

We've sourced a range of fabulous wines direct from the wineries - there are no unnecessary 'middle men' which is why we can offer you top quality boutique wine at such fantastic prices.

Wine needs to be ordered by the case, but it would be a sin to order anything less because at these prices they’re a steal!

And just in case you're not too sure about our name, we'd like to explain: a wine thief is actually a term for a clever piece of winemaking equipment, namely a long glass or metal tube used to remove a small amount of wine from a barrel for tasting or testing. So you see, everything's above board!

Cheers from the Wine Thief team, and happy shopping".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Wine Thief

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