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Download unlimited MP3s! Download Wippit Now! Get music gift certificates! etc... Well yes, but what's all this WIPPIT business really about, and is the Music Industry going to The Dogs? Well, in the words of those brilliantly witty people at Wippit... "Wippit is the world's first legitimate P2P music subscription service with a wide range of recordings for you to download to your PC or MediaterminalTM and play at your leisure. We've got everything from Rock to Rap to Classical to Audio Books. Even Wippit Ringtones! And currently, Wippit is the only service that allows you to download files in MP3 format to move to your MP3 player, burn to CD, and KEEP.

If you're a music fan Wippit is the only service that can give you an artists music on MP3, on your phone with a Wippit Ring Tones - you can even search from your phone too with Wireless Wippit.

What Music Does Wippit Have?

The BIG question! Wippit has a steadily growing catalogue of new and old music to suit all tastes form a large variety of artists.Wippit! If you're a Soul fan you'll find James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight, Jazz fans can chill with Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday and Miles Davis and for old Punks who should know better Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders and the UK Subs are amongst the rough stuff on offer. And that's only a small sample of the tens of thousands of recordings available on Wippit from Hip Hop to Classical if Wippit hasn't got all the music you love now it probably will have soon.

But that's only a small sample of the tens of thousands of recordings available on Wippit from Hip Hop to Classical if Wippit hasn't got all the music you love now it probably will have soon.

And because we're independent and not owned by any of the major labels Wippit has greater flexibility moving forward when it comes to sourcing the music you want. If you you're not convinced come back and see us in a month's time and see how our catalogue has grown!

What's So Good about Wippit?Wippit!

Well, apart from the music, the price and the convenience of being able to download your favourite music without leaving your chair and listen to it almost immediately Wippit has many advantages. Listen to music you've heard or read about without having to pay for the privilege of sampling it. Compile your own favourites to listen to in any order you please (no more nasty filler tracks!).

Music Industry Approved

And what's more Wippit is approved by the Music Industry, meaning that all the poor, struggling, limo riding, multi-millionaire, diamond toothed artists and writers get paid and may even preview material on Wippit. It also means that we're not very likely to get closed down in a trillion dollar court case from the entertainment industry either. But probably most important to you is that the files and recordings available are of the quality you expect from a 'real' company.

What hardware do I need?

For a full spec list go to our FAQ (on the actual site) but basically Wippit is designed to run PC's and Nokia Mediaterminals. If you're a Mac or Linux user please join our petition to get the PC crazy Wippit programmers out of Windowsland by sending them an email to enoughbillgatesalready @ wippit.com. (you'll have to go to the site to do this!)"

Go on, you might as well go to Wippit, whether or not You gotta.


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