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Good Old Woolworths are STILL ALIVE in their new Online Shopping manifestation

You may be interested to know that the famous name of Woolworths still lives on! Although the highstreet Woolworths stores have been changed to become other named outlets, Woolworths as an ongoing business lives in the world of Internet as Woolworths Online, which is now part of Littlewoods Direct. The advantages of Woolworths existing as an online presence are considerable. For one thing, you don't need to trudge through the snow to get to the shop and have to Woolworths in Snownudge your way in with your elbows to grab the last few bargain things on sale. Instead, you can sit calmly at home on your computer and look through the new Woolworths website and decide what you'd like, and then pay for it with a plastic card, and within a few days someone comes to visit with a delivery van and you sign for the parcel.

Another advantage for Woolworths now they live in the Virtual World is that they are not having to pay for the upkeep of those vast floorspaces in Woolworths shops. This makes the place much more efficient, and it also means that you the honest customer aren't having to subsidise shoplifters who used to steal things from off the shelves at Woolworths when they thought the staff weren't looking.

Also, think of the electricity bills that Woolworths are saving. Instead of having to pay to run all those huge arrays of lights to illuminate the stores, all they need do now is to power a few computers and a few lamps and heaters/aircons to keep a few people comfy in offices to process all the orders. It's probably more ecological too.

Anyway, Woolworths are alive, despite the credit crunch. They are back!

If you'd like to shop at Woolworths, visit Woolworths Online (the link at the end of the page)

How about that?