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A program to test the theory about mixed-up words being readable

The Muxip Wrods program is a freeware downloadable piece of software which you can use for yourself to find the answer to the enigma of whether mixed-up text is readable! The puzzle itself has been around as a modern folklore urban legend for a long while and people have just believed it, but now you can TEST IT!

What happens in the Wrods program is that you can input any text by typing it in, or by copying and pasting it in (try it with this page, if you like!), and then you click on the button and the program mixes the letters in the words for you, and then you see if anyone can read it.

It is my speculation that if the text is all short words, it will be relatively easy to read, even if it's been mixed up, but if it's an erudite treatise of considerable verbosity then it will be more challenging for anyone to read, unless they are experts in anagrams.

My apologies to those of us who are mad-keen on Linux, as regrettably the Wrods program is a Delphi application which only works in Microsoft Windows, although come to think of it, it might work in WINE (Windows Emulator in Linux).

Anyway, don't grumble, as it is being given away free, and almost everyone's got an old computer somewhere abouts with old Microsoft Windows to run all those legacy items.

Now, the program is distributed as a .zip file, and when it's opened up it is manifested as a .exe file. Usually I would advise against running any such thing, as per my comments in the avoid a virus section. However, in this case I know who wrote the program, and I'm sure it's safe. If you're wondering how anyone can afford to give away a free program like this, it's paid-for by three inconspicuous adverts. One of these is for Sente Software the fuss-free Label Software, another is for Toxic Drums, and the third one is for Zyra's affiliate website. See, even the affiliate is paid for by the free software!

The Wrods software is installable and uninstallable with no problem, so don't worry, it's not spyware. It's a genuine program which is a bit of fun. So, give it a try!

In the words of the software writer: "It is entirely non invasive. It only "shows" the ads and the user is free to click or not. It never connects to the Internet except by the user request and it is entirely free to delete or give away to friends. It doesn't use the system registry and has no footprint out side of the folder in which it is installed (except shortcut icons explained below). It creates one ini file in that folder for recalling user settings such as fonts and lists of recent files. It has an uninstaller which can be launched by the Start/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs Windows function. (This uninstaller is kept in Wrods' own folder). So it is very friendly and simple. The only items outside of the Wrods folder are the desktop and Start Programs shortcuts with icon and these are optional in the installation process and removed by the uninstaller".

So there you have it. Here's the download: wrodsv1.zip

Have fun! I hope this helps you to solve the mystery of the mixed-up words!