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World Wildlife Fund

World Wide Fund for Nature

The WWF is a leading charity saving wildlife around the world and preserving biodiversity for future generations. If you'd like to join the World Wildlife Fund, you can join here. As well as the WWF membership, there's also the WWF Adoptions program where you can adopt a wild animal.Adopt a Tiger? At the World Wide Fund for Nature, popularly still known as the World Wildlife Fund, they say "Save the lives of animals from as little as 2 per month", and then they give examples: "Makalha is an Indochinese tiger living with her mate and cubs in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand. The sanctuary provides her with relative safety from the threat of poachers who slaughter tigers for a quick profit. Wardens trace her movements by tracking her unique pugmarks and by using movement-sensitive cameras. Her relations outside the sanctuary are at greater risk from being poached and are losing their homes as the forests where they live are being destroyed. From just 2 you can help save the world's remaining tigers by adopting Makalha for yourself or a friend".

If you decide to adopt a tiger, it's worth knowing that you don't have to pay for shipping costs, and the World Wildlife Fund will look after your tiger for you in natural habitat; a convenient arrangement really.

Regarding WWF Membership, it's a good cause which is worth signing up to. We have it on good authority that the world's species are facing their biggest crisis since the age of the dinosaurs... "Threats from pollution, habitat destruction and climate change are so severe that a recent UN report says 25 per cent of the world's mammals face extinction within 25 years. For many of us, the issue is a moral one. A question of whether we have the right to leave behind us a world that is so much poorer than the one we inherited. If you feel passionate about preserving the incalculably precious heritage that is the natural world, please join WWF. With so much at stake, you'll be glad to know you're supporting the world's most effective independent conservation charity. With proven examples of success on every continent.Adopt a Dolphin?

Did you know?: The World Wildlife Fund is the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation; a truly global network, with 52 offices working in more than 90 countries; a challenging, constructive, science-based organisation that addresses issues from the survival of species and habitats to climate change, sustainable business and environmental education?

The WWF is dependent upon its five million supporters worldwide. WWF: "Some 90 per cent of our income derives from voluntary sources such as people and the business community".

World Wildlife Fund? Or World Wide Fund for nature? The WWF is often known as "World Wildlife Fund" and was probably so called when it was officially founded on 11 September 1961.Join WWF But as WWF saves plants, animals, and the ecological climate, it could be that "wildlife" wasn't botanically all-encompassing enough. You can find out more about the history of the WWF at the WWF Website, where there's also a strangely Darwinian evolution of the Logo!

WWF has campaigned for the environment long before it became fashionable, and has maintained lobbying for conservation of the world's natural resources for a long time. Biodiversity, sustainable forestry, the setting up of international treaties, and other good work. This has helped quite a lot, and some species that are alive today would probably have been extinct by now had it not been for the good work of the WWF.

WWF's mission:Join WWF The mission of WWF - the global environment network - is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment, and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by:

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:Join WWFJoin WWF




www.wwf.org.uk affiliate program is with DGM PRO. Sorry, but those links have gone. It is ASTONISHING that WWF have not got a new affiliate program yet.

Not to be confused with any other WWF, especially World Wrestling  Federation  Entertainment which is now WWE

Please note that if you adopt a tiger/panda/dolphin etc online, you will not be expected to take delivery of the animal.