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The original site of XANADU has now been found!

In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree, where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea, more>

It was discovered towards the end of the 20th Century when snow had fallen on the ancient site and had melted differentially showing the outlines of streets and buildings, visible from the air.

To find the location on a map, look for Shang Du, in China.

Whilst this is very exciting archaeologically, it is likely that the place will turn out to be not as fantastic as the legend.

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As you seem to be a Xanadu fan, I thought I should tell you that there is a Xanadu in Inner Mongolia, 30km west of the city of Duolun. Not sure if its the same one as you mention, this one is mentioned in Lonely Planet as being "the one". What is left is basically a square earthwork about half a mile each side. Its much overgrown, but you can see the shape very clearly. I was there yesterday !

Dave Somers

Re: Alph the Sacred River
The River Alphus runs through the sacred site of Olympia in the Penopolesse in Southern Greece. Why look further for a metaphysical place? Regards. Nigel

MORE GREAT NEWS - We can now show you some great pictures of Xanadu through this link - www.doncroner.com