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How do we humans make sense of pain and suffering? You are invited to read the pomes of david xeno with an open mind, a collection of which you see here. After reading some of the pomes, there is also a back cover about the author, and you are invited to write in with (preferably constructive) feedback about what you have read. continue>

+ invidia

+ miscarriage

+ scape kid

+ disappeared

+ wreath

+ the sadness of satan

+ supper with mother

+ punishment

+ the story of O

+ bible babble

+ unto us

+ addicted to love

+ all my strings...

+ circular argument

+ beatitude

+ refrain

+ burn (lightbearer)

+ the four Fates (Themis)

+ secrets

and for a final word by the author, see the back cover

Sorry that the poems of david xeno have disappeared. This is not our fault. It's a problem with Tiscali. See Tiscali webspaces problem

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