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Replace Google* as homepage
Getting rid of your current default site as your homepage and replacing it with something better.

* Google? ...or other "default homepage".

In my opinion far too many people still have a commonplace "default" site as their homepage. I felt for quite a while that some of these were a poor choice and there were much better alternatives. Even my site index would be better! It's up to you what you have as your homepage, and you can choose any page on the Internet! That's at least eight thousand million pages to choose from, so I'm sure you can choose something better than Google. I explain how you can change your homepage on How To Change Your Homepage. Your choice! If you would like to protest about Google, make a different page your homepage and REPLACE Google (or other ISP/ default homepage etc!)

This page was originally about Yahoo, but they have mended their ways. Nowadays there's the Google Problem instead. Although the initial reason for writing this page about Yahoo is now mostly solved, much of the gist of the content on this page is still valid, as you may be intent of getting rid of another default homepage that you no longer want to be stuck with!

Replacing your default homepage is easy, and I have a useful page of explanation on how to do it at How To Change Your Homepage. As for your CHOICE of page, that's up to you. I'd be honoured and greatly chuffed if you'd put my site www.zyra.org.uk as your homepage, but I'm not expecting you to; but at least I don't have lots of silly irrelevant adverts! I have thousands of pages of useful information, sometimes amusing or entertaining, and the adverts I have are only there if you are looking for them. If you approve of that, then maybe you'd like to make a stand against some other sites' silly splat advertising and put up a reasonable site instead!

If you decide to choose Zyra's website www.zyra.org.uk as your homepage, make sure you know it is .ORG.UK , and yet it is an international site! The curious stuff I write is generally true everywhere in the world, and besides, it doesn't matter where I live. Never mind the UK! I have now moved out of the UK and emigrated to Panama, one of the tax havens. One of the possibilities originally was Belize! See www.zyra.bz - You can make that your homepage if you like, but it will be a while before it has many pages. Meanwhile at the main site Zyra.org.uk there thousands of pages, all linked together. This is the way of the future Internet, not a debasement of the Internet based on oldfashioned marketing ideas.

If you don't like big corporations telling you what to do, change your homepage! Also, you can lobby your local cyber cafe into changing their homepage on their computers, AND, if you see a computer which could do better to have a Zyra ICON, there's a download shortcut

Does ZYRA stand for anything? Yes! ZYRA stands for INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS! Zyra doesn't stand for a lot of nonsense.

That site again is:


Other relevant pages in connection with this: Zyra Intro and Banner (for links), updates on the Yahoo problem (anecdote including automated emails and the trouble they caused), and a similar case in which AOL failed to resolve spam problem (even though several smaller places fixed the same problem easily when asked nicely). Overbearing corporate problems are also inspected at Palladium. This page "Blobensnatchit" used to be about Yahoo, but now that Yahoo have ceased banning my site, I am ceasing to campaign against Yahoo so vigorously. In fact, an understanding has been reached.

Update: This page has now been renamed "How to Get Rid of Google as your homepage". After the deplorable Google Problem (Google being unfair to independent websites), the page Down with Google was created.