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Note: This is a WELL DONE page by a satisfied customer,
and is obviously NOT the official site of Yellow Pages !

Yellow Pages

To link to the online version, it's

To telephone, it's UK 0800 60 50 60

Well done to YELLOW PAGES! The company gave me a FREE LISTING! Yes, my company is in the book and on the online version! That is really good, isn't it!? Not only that, but in the Yellow Pages I am in the classification of ADVERTISING CONTRACTORS. There is only one other company in the book there in that classification and that other company is the company themselves, Yellow Pages! Well admittedly their ad is a lot bigger, but I'm not grumbling!

So, let's get this right: Yellow Pages for this region has a classification of ADVERTISING CONTRACTORS, and in that classification there are two companies: Zyra Internet, and Yellow Pages!

That qualifies as a RECIPROCAL LINK, and also I'm now going to set up on this site a classification of ADVERTISING CONTRACTORS and putting in that classification two companies: Yellow Pages and Zyra Internet!

(From a Gödel point of view, both Yellow Pages and this site are classed as books which include themselves)


Not so well done to Yellow Pages in consideration of what they did to the hosting company Vivostar! Whereas the Vivostar company is an affordable website hosting company with global scope, Yellow Pages is set up with an old mindset that assumes all companies are "local". However, it gets worse, as when Vivostar put in an order to have some advertising at Yellow Pages, what Yellow Pages did was to buy an additional domain and in effect cybersquat the actual company, while not even linking to the real website ! Also, they divulged the physical address of the company's registered office, even though the contract for advertising with Yellow Pages included the location being hidden.

Besides cybersquatting being very bad for business and a breach of trust, there is also an aspect to which the misbehaviour of could be considered to be Fraud. That's because the piratically-got domain was stated to be "bring extra business to your company", whereas in fact this is false.

During the twelve month period when Vivostar was advertised at , the total number of clicks was... 20. That's almost one every three weeks! And besides, some of those clicks were Vivostar checking the information was correct (which it wasn't).

Also not so well to done to Yellow Pages for getting things in a mess about the payments system so the customer thought they'd paid and Yellow Pages claimed they hadn't!

Besides, there was no business coming in via the phone.

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