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Yew Clothing

Now you can buy great looking Sportswear without harming the planet! Visit the Yew Clothing website and find out more.

Yew Clothing:

"Yew Clothing are a brand new name in the world of sports clothing.

Offering a good introductory range of sports and outdoor clothing, all made from sustainable fabrics. In addition to offering very competitive prices they also offer FREE delivery on all orders over 70.

All of this plus an amazing after sales back-up service.

Yew Clothing is an ethical company that only uses environmentally friendly materials.

Yew aims to make well-designed clothes from the best sustainable materials. Company Statement:

We know that people demand high performance, so we worked hard to make sure that they didn’t have to sacrifice high performance in order to buy something that’s friendly to the environment".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Yew Clothing

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