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Designer Fashion Online

"Good fashion is timeless and doesn't expire with the trends"
^ Remember that motto ^ It will be referenced later in the page ^

In the words of YOOX SPA themselves: "Europe's leading source of designer fashion on-line, offers the most extensive end-of-season clothing and accessories assortment, at up to 75% off retail price.YOOX Acclaimed by London Sunday Times as the No.1 web shopper site in Europe (18/03/2001), YOOX presents a selection of pieces from over 200 of the world's most famous designer labels ranging from shoes to suits, gloves to trousers and jeans to evening wear. With thousands of high quality products arriving every week, the collection is meant to be mixed and matched, giving you the freedom to wear Gucci loafers with a Fendi baguette and an Armani jacket, all affordable at once.YOOX Fast delivery, free returns and secured payment combines ease with the entertainment of creating your own style."

The Link Was here to go to Yoox!

Yoox: "Your way into fashion… Now shopaholics can log on for their online fix at this virtual retail heaven, avoiding the stigma of excessive retail shopping!"

Enigma (UK), November 2003: “..Yoox keeps its end up in terms of quality of experience. The website is stylish and does not scream discount, the pieces are carefully selected and delivery is in line with luxuriousness of the purchase.”

Financial Times (Europe), October 2003: “Yoox is a rare success story in an industry littered with failures.” - Business Week (Europe), December 2002

Yoox: "YOOX is the leading source of designer fashion on-line. ... Based on the premise that good fashion is timeless and doesn't expire with the trends, YOOX presents the best fashion 'finds' from the most prestigious international brands. With a selection of pieces from over 300 designers, YOOX offers the broadest on-line selection of end-of-season clothing, footwear and accessories at an average discount of 50% off the retail price!


The Link was here to go to YOOX!

www.yoox.co.uk and www.yoox.com affiliate program was with TradeDoubler and then it moved to Affiliate Window. Of course by then we'd been promoting Yoox for years, and it seemed perfectly rational to suppose that Yoox would simply get the links switched over. Unfortunately this isn't what happened, and they said "the site does not compliment the Yoox brand". Now what they mean is that it doesn't complement the brand. Such mild illiteracy can be forgiven especially if they haven't read about the difference between compliment and complement. Nevertheless refusing an affiliate that's been promoting them for years is a bit crass really, especially considering "Good fashion is timeless and doesn't expire with the trends". Good affiliate marketing doesn't expire with the trends either, unlike the Yoox banners which Yoox themselves seem to think are now passť. Well I wouldn't mind changing them if Yoox were to be sensible and to accept this site on their affiliate program. In time meantime it's bunged up and if you want to visit Yoox you can type in the url which is www.yoox.com . Note that it is anyone's prerogative to miss out if they so choose. However I think that in the case of Yoox they have been a bit naive in their assumptions about Internet things. The page remains because of this site has a sensible deep linking policy.

Plenty of other places in the Fashion business are promoted here, and a great many of them do well. This is a website that promotes alternative fashion and alternative markets as well as more mainstream places. Diversity is rich.

Well, I hope Yoox will see the good sense of resuming having this affiliate on their affiliate program! In the meantime this page waits patiently and with its old banners intact. Let other Fashion prosper in the meantime!