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Zanox is an affiliate company based in Germany, operating an affiliate network throughout Europe and the wider international world. At Zanox they say "zanox is one of the leading affiliate networks in Europe. With its zanox-affiliate service, advertisers increase their sales and reduce customer acquisition costs. Affiliates generate more revenue by advertising and selling products and services through their Web sites or via e-mail".Zanox executives: Jens Hewald, Heiko Rauch, Thomas Hessler

Zanox.de AG of Berlin is an expanding e-commerce business described as "one of the leading affiliate network providers in Europe".

To join Zanox as an affiliate or as a merchant, there is no compulsory requirement to have the ability to speak German, although it's useful if you know such words as: GELD!

You too can earn geld (money) with e-commerce! "Benefit from attractive commissions and a co-operative model that guarantee you permanent income. Become a partner of prestigious companies today for free".

Link here to start with Zanox!

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, so you can generate revenue by publishing and promoting products and services on your website and in your newsletters, here are some of the advantages advertised by Zanox:

OR, if you're interested in joining as a MERCHANT, getting affiliate websites to advertise your business, increase sales and make dramatic cuts in customer acquisition costs, advertise and sell products and services through an array of websites or via e-mail, then you may be interested to see these advantages advertised:

Zanox "offers the technology, the service and a large affiliate network enabling merchants to create their own powerful online distribution network. zanox recruits the most interesting Web sites as the merchant's affiliates - using "pay for performance" commissions. This allows e-commerce companies to target the most powerful sites online with their products and services. The exponential growth of the market and our concentration on e-commerce transactions guarantee a steady rise in zanox market potential. Top performing companies have already joined the zanox-affiliate network. ... We offer you the unique opportunity to share the success of an excellently positioned and fast growing enterprise".

If you would like to try this for yourself, here's the link:

Link here to start with Zanox!

Remember to choose the right links. If you live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Poland, select the German version, or if you live in the UK, USA, or anywhere in the rest of the world, select the English version. I am an affiliate and I have now emigrated to live in a tax haven and I'm now in "the rest of the world"! Zanox has become easier to use since the improvements in translation services