?Mystery of the Legend

Legend has it that there exists a website that's "about everything", and rumours are that it might be "" or something like that. Definitely an ORG + UK. You might hear someone on the phone say "Have you seen Zara's website www dot ?". In some dialects it sounds like "ZARA", when this website is in fact


So, the website is there to be seen. Remember it's ZYRA, rather than ZARA, and that it's an "org uk", like some of the well-known British charities and good causes. Zyra's website does a lot of good, but it's not a charity, and there's a good mix of commercial and altruistic content. Quite a large amount of content, in fact. Thousands of pages. Take a look at Zyra's site index to see what I mean.

So who's this ZYRA person anyway? A mad eccentric character for sure, someone who's unconventional and individualistic. You can find out a lot more about this at

The domain was bought (2004/01/30) so as to avoid confusion, especially as when telling people about Zyra's website on the telephone, variations in accent and dialect sometimes make "Zyra" sound like "Zara".

Zyra has an open policy on linking to other places, and the existence of this page referring to ZARA is not intended to be displacementist at all. So, as surely as Zyra has a page of other people called Zyra, there's now a Kenco style page with a list of ZARAs. If you are interested, please e-mail and we'll see what can be arranged. It's early days yet, so please be patient.

Zyra is friendly and believes it's best to have good diplomatic relations with just about everyone. Have fun exploring Zyra's website! You can even sign up to the crazy newsletters if you like!

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