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Where visitors are welcome, however long they stay, and however many times they come back!

One of the Virtual places you may find as you cruise along the Superhighway is the Zyra Motel. The curious nature of Zyra's website has to be seen to be believed, and there's a vast amount to explore.

However, the idea of it being a Motel appeared when some interesting rotating signs arrived. These are reminiscent of slightlyRotating Sign distracting signs that you sometimes see along highways to attract attention to a motel!

These are not just yer average moving jifs. They are cunningly crafted items in a virtual world. As with brass nameplates for offices in tax havens, they can be custom-made. So, if you are interested in having a special jif made for your own purposes, here's the place to contact: www.toxicdrums.com . In fact, there's a special page which relates to the signwriting services at www.toxicdrums.com/zyra-motel.html . In fact, I think there are distinct possibilities for the bespoke construction of Virtual Architecture! People who have moved to live in the fantastical virtual world of Second Life will want to commission objects and artefacts and structures and contrivances.Rotating Sign

Zyra's business takes many forms, including Zyra's Bazaar which many people think is amusing to augment to say "Zyra's bizarre!" as if it were a social comment. Zyra's Bazaar has been a computerised buying and selling setup since long before eBay, and at least stuff fetched decent prices there.

Zyra Electric was a clock-making company for a while, before branching out into webstuff and the affiliate business. Zyra Internet was originally custom web-design, but it was found more cost-effective to work on Zyra's website rather than to create websites for other folks.

As for Zyra Artistic Restoration and Alteration, this was an early attempt to help people by restoring their old photos. However, although customers were happy with the results, it was very time-consuming, and there are people around the world who'll adjust photos for less. In fact some of them are linked from the old page!

Rotating SignMeanwhile, if you'd like some three-dimensional virtual objects creating, visit www.toxicdrums.com/zyra-motel.html and see what can be done.

Please note that as these are moving jifs, they don't require a lot of electricity to power the motors to keep them going round like that! If they did, I'd be showing you the list of electricity suppliers and suggesting that you shop around to get the best deal.

Another thing this reminds me of, is the Data Recovery companies. They have kindly sent me hard disc drives, which are useful. I'm grateful, and these things help considerably in the hoarding of stuff. So, there are some nice Data Recovery pages saying thanks.

You're reading this page at Zyra's website, which is an online resource of thousands of pages. It takes weeks to explore, like the big museums. Have fun!

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