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Continued from page2 and page1. Here's the front page picture from Issue68 of Zyra's website. There is a larger resolution version if you have a fast enough ISP. It takes quite a lot of doing to get these pictures about right. Incidentally, those fireworks were from the Millennium and happened exactly four years before the picture was published.

ThoughtfulThen there's this curious shot of Zyra with cyan coloured hair and a thoughtful expression. Meanwhile in the background, you'd be very astute to spot that the backdrop image is Alexandra Palace photographed from a train! If you can spot hidden detail in pictures, you might like to examine something slightly subtle on the page about Qjump

a bright futureA bright character for sure! In this photo, "Bright Future", the Smart Beauty hair colour is real, and so too is the vividly coloured outfit, but the background colour has been tweaked for dramatic effect. Incidentally, there are shops in Camden lit by UV where visiting in that outfit is welcomed as it as fluorescent!
Welcome into Strangeness

And then in this picture Welcome into Strangeness, which was on the front page of Issue72, there is some kind of portal stretching into the distance. Curious really. Obviously the background colour has been tweaked to make it oddly purple, but the green/blue hair colour is real.

To see an example of the strange Circular Newsletters which are sent out from this site, see www.zyra.net/circ61.htm

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